McGee Family

My family is a beautiful explosion of creativity!

My mom Janie McGee, is a full time professional artist( visual even though she is a musician as well). She depicts Black history from slavery mainly to the civil rights; her artwork is amazing and has been showcased nationally and internationally. My dad is a proposal writer and a Princeton graduate. So he is the brainy one of the family but he got some creativety too.

If you want book formatting for Kindle, CreateSpace, and Amazon, contact her! Real affordable prices and quality work! She also does illustrations and design, so she can help you in that department!

Be sure to check out her website

Now my one and only brother is Jamile McGee from the fox tv show “So You Think You Can Dance? ” Season 1 and he got third place. You can see him in Chris Brown “Gimme That”, Nelly Furtado “Man Eater”, a whole bunch of other things with artists like Mariah Carey, Rihanna, Fantasia, etc and his most recent accomplishment is being a dancer/choreographer for Wayne Brady’s “Making It up Tour”.

Be sure to check out the videos on his website. If you’re interested in having him teach a workshop where you are, then contact him! He’s taught around the world, including hip-hop workshops in Japan.


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