A Wonder-Poe Outfit

It all started in grade school. Though I couldn’t tell you which teacher I read my first Edgar Allan Poe poem with, it was all history after that. Even at a young age I knew that Poe and poetry were going to be something more than just a phase to me. Continue reading A Wonder-Poe Outfit


Baby Got Back: Venezuela’s Voluptuous Mannequins


Plastic-surgery is common in our society. Don’t like something about your body? Then go ahead, change it. I personally don’t have a problem with cosmetic alterations (doubt I’d ever get any,) but if you do it, don’t be ashamed of it. Share it, don’t hide it or cover it up with a BS lies and denials. But that seems to be a trend, especially amongst celebs…

But I digress. Plastic surgery is huge in our American culture, but did you know that in Venezuela many (perhaps a large selection of the population) women are getting surgical enhancements? I could say plastic surgery, but the level of work that is being done to some of the women is beyond going up a cup size or two. Some of the work is outrageously extreme! Continue reading “Baby Got Back: Venezuela’s Voluptuous Mannequins”