Spice It Up: My Picks For 10 Sexiest Women Alive

priyanka-chopra-s-vogue-india-mar-2013-cover-shoot_136212915821-2Yesterday, I shared with you my 10 picks for the Sexiest Man alive. I probably could have listed more men, but those were my favorite 10 men that I found attractive in many of ways. I love their looks and their body of work. Continue reading “Spice It Up: My Picks For 10 Sexiest Women Alive”


Spice It Up: My Picks For 10 Sexiest Men Alive

Channing-Tatum-Covers-GQ-South-Africa-January-2013-1I don’t pay much attention to People Magazine, but every year I do find myself curious about their “Sexiest Men Alive” edition. It’s like unwrapping an insane amount of sexy, and each your I’m curious who’s going to be on the list. Continue reading “Spice It Up: My Picks For 10 Sexiest Men Alive”

Baby Got Back: Venezuela’s Voluptuous Mannequins


Plastic-surgery is common in our society. Don’t like something about your body? Then go ahead, change it. I personally don’t have a problem with cosmetic alterations (doubt I’d ever get any,) but if you do it, don’t be ashamed of it. Share it, don’t hide it or cover it up with a BS lies and denials. But that seems to be a trend, especially amongst celebs…

But I digress. Plastic surgery is huge in our American culture, but did you know that in Venezuela many (perhaps a large selection of the population) women are getting surgical enhancements? I could say plastic surgery, but the level of work that is being done to some of the women is beyond going up a cup size or two. Some of the work is outrageously extreme! Continue reading “Baby Got Back: Venezuela’s Voluptuous Mannequins”