ThinkSoul25, often referred to as TS25, is a house music, lifestyle, and culture blog (but mainly house music) founded in 2010 by Jasmine McGee. After years of freelancing and writing for various publications, including a premier national magazine, Ms.McGee decided to embark on her own journey of creative a blog dedicated to house music, art, music, culture, and good old fashioned opinionated rants.

Drink. Eat. Sleep. House Music

So, who is Jasmine McGee?


Hmm…I’m not quite sure how to begin (so cliche). What should I tell you guys about myself? Well here’s an abstract glimpse of me.

Tall, enigmatic, ambitious artistic soul with a zest for house music, playing Ps3, writing, painting, theatre, and film. Lover of dark exotic coffee blends and novels and classic films of intrigue, indecent exposure, and heavy dosages of laughter.

That all sounds about right. Of course, that is just a small collection of words fused together to make a sentence, but it does capture a few of my favorite things which I often share my thoughts (occasional rant) about. House music? The love of my life. Okay, dramatic, but yes, I really do love house. It feeds my mind, body, and soul, and I love finding great music to share with my readers. So this blog is apart of me and the items I post speak to me in some unique, yet innately compelling way.

I’ve been in love with art and writing ever since learning cursive in elementary school. I had an excellent teacher in Colorado Springs and she really took the time to show us not just the conventions of cursive, but the beauty; art forms of cursive.  Since the days of early writing instruction, I had been hooked. And when I was 14, I had my first article published in the national teen magazine, Teen Voices. In 2004 I had gone through so much racism in a small town in Ohio and was called names, harassed, and bullied. The rage and anger had built up inside that I turned to writing. So what happened next? Well after a few months of moving back to Columbus, my article was published in Teen Voices. Since then I have been writing professionally and haven’t looked back.

I write because it makes me happy. But writing isn’t my only voice. I’m also an artist. I grew up painting and having art shows with my mother, professional artist Janie McGee. My artistic eye is something I cherish and I’m glad that God has blessed me with the love for the visual arts. I’ve curated shows, exhibited my work, and I’m constantly striving to express myself with every brush stroke and key stroke. What else can I say? I love it all: writing, art, film, and of course, music.

So, there you have it. That is just a small component of who I am! I love using my blog to express my personality and share my thoughts with the world! My hopes are to travel the world, immerse myself in as many cultures and experiences I can, and share them with everyone via words x film x art.

If you’d like to know more about me (because of course there is more) then be sure to read my rants, and feel free to add me on FB: www.facebook.com/Jazei25



14 thoughts on “About

  1. JASMINE! it’s zamara. lol. After many a moon, I finally tracked you down. Oh man, it’s been a crazy year and I really want to catch up with you and tu madre now that I’m in such a place and mindset to do so. But call me or e-mail me ASAP! (720)327-4709. That’s me.

  2. girl get ahold of me, I am working of a project I think you would be interested in and needs you. In addition I am a web developer and computer programmer so you said online magazine,,,, lets get it going. Im just looking to connect with anyone that is passionate about the ball scene. It is to important to let it fall into history with no mention anyway call me 16266336917 or email me.. bye

  3. Hello I love your post on Jacob lust
    He is so sylvestor like I had seen him in concert many many years ago and would love Jacob to perform one of his songs.

    1. I’m so glad you loved it! I must agree with you, seeing Jacob sing a sylvester song would be awesome! That’s so cool you got to see sylvester in concert, what an experience!

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